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World History Quiz 4

World History Quiz with Question and Answers

Multiple Choice Quiz Questions (MCQs) on World History for General Studies and GK

The Opium wars were fought

Where did the practice of ‘Shadow
Cabinet’ originate ?

Where was St. Paul beheaded?

The British Conservative Party
was earlier known as

Karl Marx lived in exile and wrote from

When did the Soviet Union disintegrate into 15
independent Republics ?

Marx belonged to

Hitler became the Chancellor of
Germany in

Who was the first Prime-Minister of England?

Match the following :
A. Fascism 1. Adolf Hitler
B. Democracy 2. Lenin
C. Nazism 3. Mussolini
D. Socialism 4. Woodrow Wilson

Who said, ‘I am the State’?

Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the
code given below the Lists :
List-I (Names)
a. Hobbes
b. Rousseau
c. Locke
d. Hitler
List-II (Events)
1. French Revolution
2. Glorious Revolution
3. Execution of Charles I
4. Second World War
Code :

In which of the following wars,
were the French completely defeated by the English ?

With the fall of which among the
following, the French Revolution
began ?

The Treaty of Versailles humiliated

‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity’
is the call associated with

The United Kingdom is a classic
example of a/an

Name the country where the first
Industrial Revolution took place :

The Industrial Revolution in England represented the
climax of the transition from

The island of Corsica is associated with

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