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Sports Quiz 02

Sports Quiz

Multiple Choice Quiz Questions (MCQs) on Sports for General Studies and GK

When was the first Commonwealth Games held ?

In which sports is the participant called pugilist ?

Correlate the cricket grounds and the cities where the ICC World Cup 2003 competition games were held Ground
(a) The Wanderers (b) St. George’s Park (c) Kings Mead (d) Queens City
(1) Bulawayo (2) Durban (3) Johannesburg (4) Port Eliza beth Ground

Jahangir Khan is famous in which sport ?

At which Asiad did India reach the best medals standing ?

How many gold medals did India win at the Common-wealth Games-2002 held at Manchester ?

What is the amount given along with the satuette and commendation to a Dronacharya award winner ?

‘Free throw’ is associated with :

What is the distance between the popping crease and the stumps on a cricket pitch ?

Who won the Golden Ball award for the best player at the FIFA World Cup 2002 tournament ?

The term ‘Butterfly Stroke’ is referred to in which sport ?

The distance of marathon race is–

When did India win a gold medal in hockey at the Olympics last time ?

What is the maximum permitted length of cricket bat?

Which country won the Euro 2004 Football Championship ?

Who among the following holds the record for the maximum number of gold medals at the Common-wealth Games ?

When did India win a gold medal in football in an international tournament last ?

When his father died, this Olympian placed his gold Medal in his father’s coffin and said, “I want you to have
this because it was your favorite event”. Seeing his mother’s surprise, he added, “Don’t worry. I will get another
one”. He did ! Who was this incredible athlete?

Who was declared be Wisden as “The Best Indian Bowler of the Century” (20th century)?

In which among the following Commonwealth Games, India won maximum medals ?

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