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World Geography Quiz 03

World Geography Quiz

Multiple Choice Quiz Questions (MCQs) on World Geography for General Studies and GK

The Panama Canal links

Volcanic activity is more common in

. The Strait of Gibraltar provides entry into the

In geography ‘Gulf Stream’ refers to

. Through which of the given regions does the equator run?

. The pacific Ring of Fire is

‘Dead Sea’ is called so because

. Match the following :

Fishing grounds of the world are found in areas where

The world famous ‘Serangeti Wildlife Sanctuary is located in

The canal which links Atlantic Ocean with Pacific Ocean is

Mount Blanc is the highest peak of these mountain ranges

The Strait that connects Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea is

. The Chinese river known as yellow river is

. The Victoria Falls are on the river

Which is the largest existing mangrove forest in the world?

. Kangaroos, Platypus and Koala bears are wildlife of

The country located between 8° N and 37° N latitudes is

The largest delta of the world is

The river which has a greater flow of water than any other river in the world is.

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