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Indian Histroy Quiz 04

Indian History Quiz with Question and Answers

Quiz for GK and General Knowledge on Indian History from pre-historic ages to Indian independence.

Multiple Choice Quiz Questions (MCQs) on Ancient Indian History for General Studies and GK

Where did Lord Budha breathe his last ?

The caste system of India was created for :

Seleucus Nicator was defeated by

Worship of Mother Goddess was associated with

Gautama Buddha was born at

Mention the place where Buddha attained enlighten-ment.

Fa-hien visited India during the reign of

The headquarters of the Ghadar Party was at

Arthasastra was written by

Alexander and Porus fought a battle at

Who was the mother of Mahavira?

The striking feature of the Indus Valley Civilization was

The early Buddhist scriptures were composed in :

Satvahanas minted their coins predominantly in

In Mohanjadaro, the largest building is :

After Alexander’s death the Eastern part of his empire came under

Which one of the following was the last Buddhist text produced In India ?

The Greek ambassador sent to Chandragupta Maurya's Court was :

Hiuen Tsang visited India during the reign of

Identify the Buddhist Literature from the following :

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