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Welcome to Labotrees Quiz Section General Knowledge quiz on Sports. Attempt the general knowledge Multiple Choice Quiz Questions on Sports .  Following questions appeared in previous years question papers of SSC, NDA, CDS, UPSC, UPPSC and State PSC Examinations. This Online Test is based on multiple choice questions for all competitive examinations. Questions related to Sports are importantas in each competitive examinations. To better prepare for the exam, we have provided 20 questions in each quiz so that you do not miss any question that appeared last years final papers. In this technological era it is better to learn and practice online and check your knowledge in Sports. So let’s start the quiz.


Sports Quiz 11

Sports Quiz

Multiple Choice Quiz Questions (MCQs) on Sports for General Studies and GK

Who won Australian Open Mixed Doubles Final 2015?

Mohammed Shahid, who recently passed away, was associated with which sport?

Neeraj Chopra is associated with which sports?

The highest title in Judo is :

Who is the first Indian woman to win an Asian Games gold in 400 metre runs?

Who is the first Indian Gold Medal Winner in individual category in Olympic Games?

Who among the following was the only athlete to represent India in the 1900 summer Olympics ?

Thomas Cup is associated with which of the following sports?

Upon winning Wimbledon Women’s Tennis Tournament 2016, Serena Williams equalled record 22 Grand Slam wins of

The opening ceremony of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 was held on 12 February 2015 in which cities
of New Zealand and Australia ?

In which country did the world’s first organised motor race occur?

What is common between the cricketers - Gul Mohammad, Abdul Hafeezkardar and Amir Elahi ?

Who won the first medal for India at the Rio Olympics?

Which city will host the 2022 Commonwealth Games (CWG)?

Ryder Cup is a famous tournament of :

What is the number of players on each side in Rugby Football ?

The headquarters of FIFA is in

Who has been named ICC World Cup 2015 Ambassador?

Thomas Cup is associated with

Wellington Trophy is associated with

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