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Computer and IT Quiz 02

Computer and IT Quiz

Multiple Choice Quiz Questions (MCQs) on Computer and IT for General Studies and GK

‘C’ language is a

A communication network which is used by large organizations over regional, national or global area is called

Window 7, the latest operating system from Microsoft Corporation has ....... Indian languages fonts.

Microsoft Office’s personal information manager is

In which of the following areas, a spreadsheet software is more useful ?

Where was India’s first computer installed ?

What is the commonly used unit for measuring the speed of data transmission ?

Processor’s speed of a computer is measured in

A Group Ware is a

As announced by the Finance Minister in his Budget speech on 28th February, 2011, with a view to assist States in modernising their stamp and registration administration, E-stamping is expected to be rolled out in all the districts of different States in a period of

An Intelligent terminal

Who is called the Father of Computer ?

The symbols used in an assembly language are

WIKILEAKS, a whistleblowers website is an international organisation based in

. A parallel port is most often used by a

What is clickjacking ?

The ‘NOSHADE’ attribute in HTML

In a 14" TV or computer monitor, the dimension of 14" stands for

Nano technology deals with objects with dimensions in the range of

Which one of the following companies announced sometime back the launch of India’s first personal computer with one terabyte hard drive capacity?

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