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Computer and IT Quiz 01

Computer and IT Quiz

Multiple Choice Quiz Questions (MCQs) on Computer and IT for General Studies and GK

Who developed the concept ‘World Wide Web’ ?

A computer virus is

IC’ in computers stands for

What is the size of Floppy Diskette which is used normally ?

Which of the following mobile telephone network is not based on GSM technology ?

Where is the National Institute of Excellence in the field of Information Technology and Allied Sciences proposed to be set up?

What is ‘Teletext’ ?

Processing of a data file to reduce its size for storage on disk is termed :

Which of the following is not reckoned as a ‘value added’ telecommunication service?

Who developed the concept of email ?

Which among the following is a distinctive feature by which a CD ROM drive is classified in a personal computer ?

What is an organisation’s introductory web page called?

Which of the following is not a role assigned to Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Parks ?

Which of the following circuit is used as 'Memory device' in computers ?

The first computer language developed was

A compact disc (CD) is a data storage system of the type :

Who among the following developed World Wide Web (WWW), which gave a new type of information exhibition ?

A compact disc (CD) is a data storage system of the type

The basic application of an ‘AND’ gate in computers is for:

WLL stands for

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