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How to renaming Woo-commerce menu in admin panel ?

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How to renaming Woo-commerce menu in the admin panel?

To rename admin panels, menu text can be done by creating a custom function and adding that function to admin_menu.

There are two types of menu items in word press one is main menu and other submenus. to change the names declare $menu and $submenu as global parameters. if the text needs to change in the Woo-commerce main menu then the declaration is done as follows: $submenu[‘woocommerce’][1][0] = ‘Estimates’;, Woo-commerce is declared to select woocommerce menu and then next index is 1 sets the first menu items needs to be changed. This code will change the order text to Estimates. Following code is used to change.

function labootrees_admin_menus() {
 global $menu;
 global $submenu;

// change submenu name
 $submenu['woocommerce'][1][0] = 'Estimates';


Hooke used to change names

 add_action( 'admin_menu', 'labootrees_admin_menus' );

That’s it.

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