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discussion essay structure

Discussion Essay

It is often argued that _________________________________________, while others believe/say that _________________________. While ___________________, I believe that ______________________.


On the one hand, _______________________ because_____________ .  This is to say that ______________________. It is therefore / It can lead to ___________. For example, ____________________________________________ . However, I believe that ___-ve view__do not benefit _____ as much as they do from ____+ve point__ .


On the other hand, there are those that believe that / It is thought that___________. They think that there are so many other _________. It results in/ It eventually leads to_______.  For example, ___________________________ . I believe this school of thought is preferable because________  is _____ .


In conclusion, although ____________-ve view__________, _________+ve point_____ and that is why it is more important/ it is therefore better ____________ . It is recommended that ____________ .

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